Why this WOD? Why today?

"Don't look like men to me"


 I remember when I first started CrossFit I would look at the WOD and decide if I wanted to do that one that day or opt for another. I got really good at putting together workouts that I was either good at or that I felt good about doing. I see that most people who start CrossFit do the same. We check out the post the night before and really kind of make up our mind then if we’re all in for the next day or not. After all the WOD is just a random bombardment of high intensity exercises right? When we’re working on getting stronger and adding or maintaining size we shouldn’t do those WODs that require us to run distance or do a lot of “cardio” should we? If I’m a lady that is watching her weight it doesn’t make sense to come in on the days we’re “bulking up” right? WRONG! Just as I used to do when I did it, if you’re avoiding the prescribed WOD you’re making a huge mistake.

 The CrossFit certification taught me far more than I can share on a blog. What I can tell you is that the WOD is not random. There is a precise reason to complete that WOD that day. That is why CrossFit guys we look up to like Chan, Orlando and that beast on that video do the 10k run when it’s prescribed and why Bergeron, Oldroyd and that chick that has the body the ladies wish for do the one rep max days when that is prescribed. If they do it we should too, shouldn’t we? As a side note, just an observation, the guy that skips the 5k because he’s trying to put on size is the same guy that kills it on the filthy fifty the next day and expends way more calories doing it. The lady that skips squat day and shows up for the run has skipped a day that will condition the body to burn more fat even when she sleeps than a constant oxidative routine ever would. I know I know it’s tough to just say “ok, there is a rhyme and reason for this” and go with it. Keep in mind we paid money to learn it and you pay to experience the benefit of what we learned so you’re going to have to trust that your health and fitness are our number one priority. We don’t want the guys to look like frail “girlie men” and we don’t want the women to look like men but we do want each of us to live up to our potential. We are not all created equal. That means some of us are going to be smaller and some bigger. All the same, do the WOD.


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