Weekend Warriors

CrossFit Texarkana – CrossFit


With a Partner

5 x 10 Calorie Row

Partner holds the bottom of a squat

Shoulder Primer

3 Sets x 10 Reps each

Bent Over Rotational Rows

Front Raises

Lateral/Side Raises

Bent 90 Degree Swings

Internal Rotation 45 Degree Raises

Gymnastic Strength (No Measure)

5 Sets:

4 Kipping Swings

3 Straight Arm Kipping Swings

2 Kipping Pull-Ups

1 Butterfly Pull-Up

Rest as needed.

Power Clean

5 Sets x 3 Reps


Use the same weight across the board.

5 Tall Box Jumps between sets.

Child’s Play (4 Rounds for reps)

Teams of 2

From 0:00-8:00

150 Double Unders (3:00 Cap)

100 BB Push Press (45/35)

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

Max OHS w/Remaining Time (95/65)

Everybody on OHS by the 7:00 mark

From 8:01-16:00


Box Overs (24/20)


Devil’s Presses (35/25)

Max Front Squats w/Remaining Time (125/85)

Everybody on FS by the 15:00 mark

From 16:01-24:00

800m Run (Partitioned)

2 Rounds

24 Double KB Deadlifts (70/53)

12 T2B

Max Back Squats w/Remaining Time (155/105)

Everybody on BS by the 23:00 Mark

BB must be taken from the floor

From 24:01-32:00

Row For Max Calories

Score number of barbell max reps each round and number of calories rowed separately.

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