Wednesday 9-28-11

Great times!
  Everybody say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed. Move day is almost here and there’s a lot to do to get compliant with the city. It’s being worked on but we need no hang ups. 
  I’m always impressed on the days we work on heavy moves and I think y’all are too. So many athletes did so much better today than the last time we took weight overhead. I have to mention; great job Dayla on the double unders and Dodie on your set up form and execution  on your clean and jerk today! There were so many others that could be mentioned but these two have worked at those moves relentless for some time now and it’s really paying off. Thank you for your tenacity.

10 min Group Warm Up and WOD Overview at the beginning of class

10 mins to find Front Squat Max

20 min AMRAP:

6 Bridge Ups

10 Front Squats with 50% of your 1rm

400 m run

post weight and times to comments