Wednesday 9-14-11

 We had a great turnout for the WOD today. I wanted  to take a moment to commend everyone on their effort with the endurance challenge. I also wanted to remind everyone to continue to check the site for the WODs and updates. Each of us should have a stopwatch/time device and be familiar with how to use it. We will do the “tests” and work toward time PR’s frequently.

 Also, I want to take a moment and get everyone familiar with a feature we have here on the site that no one has been using. We are about to do a WOD we did back on 4-19 and many of you that were here with us then are going to be saying to yourself, “I wonder what my rounds were?” Well, you won’t have to worry about that from this point on. At the bottom of this post (under where I type post times/rounds to comments) is literally a comment tab that will allow you to click it and post your work. Then it will be forever archived. Three months from now when we go back and do this one for a third time you will be able to see just how much progress you’ve made. Which, coincidentally, is really why we are adamant about you posting your work at the box. Although many of us get competitive with our WODs, keeping track of your work over time gives us a true account of your fitness progression. Progression is often so gradual that after three months we may say something like “I’ve been coming here for three months and I ain’t getting any stronger, and my times suck!”, or something like that anyway lol. Then you do a WOD we did some time in the past and you see that you beat your time by :30, or you got 1 more round, or you increased your load by 10lbs. Then life is all peachy again. 

 So you click on comments, if you haven’t already registered with disqus, do so. Then for that day comment on the WOD. It doesn’t have to be just your work that day. Give us your two cents. Give us your goals. Any comments are welcome. This is how you help us help you. Joe and I truly want each athlete to reach your goals. You have to have a plan and this can play a major role in that plan. 

Now onto the matter at hand.

Group warm up and scaling at the beginning of class

20 min AMRAP:

10 dead lifts 115/75

20 fly traps

30 jumping squats

40 double unders

post rounds to comments