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Wednesday 8-1-12

Nutrition: The goal is to train your body to derive its energy from proteins and fats instead of grains, legumes, dairy and any other foods that irritate and inflame your body and deprive it of important nutrients. There is a growing body of research documenting the health benefits of making this switch. In short, the benefits include reduced risk of heart disease, autoimmune diseases, cancer and diabetes, all of which can be traced in varying ways to excessive inflammation in your body, high insulin levels, and other processes and imbalances that are too detailed to cover here. Aside from that you will simply feel better, look better, and perform better. Of course, individual results will vary, so the best way to see how the diet will affect you is to jump in and try it.

CrossFit for me has always been about changing lives, teaching what functional movement can do for us and educating people on nutrition, mobility and our methodology. Our primary goal in the beginning, Joe and I, was to program and coach Crossfit for our community. Since the beginning we have grown, for which we are thankful, and have added many new responsibilities to what we do. We never intend to neglect our added responsibilities but we also don’t want to get distracted from our first and foremost goal, your health and fitness. I can assure everyone that, in most cases, if it appears we are neglecting something, we are not, it is only that it is secondary to our focus. That being said, if anyone feels they need to address something that is being neglected, we have an open door policy but please do so privately.

Warm Up: 250 M Row, 15 Hip Extensions, 15 Sit Ups, 15 Wall Balls, Mobility


Overhead Press Strength


For Time:

400 M Run

20 Ground to Overhead, 65% OH Max

400 M Run

25 Pull Ups

400 M Run

30 Abmat Butterfly Sit Ups

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I touched on this subject a few weeks back. This is a little more detail.

  • Michelle

    Great class today !