Wednesday 6-6-12

Our new planner is almost ready. Brandy has been putting in some hours getting us straight. Growing pains! I’m not complaining. The only thing that will change for most everybody is formalities. When it is all fully up and running, if anyone has any questions or any discrepancies, just meet with me and we’ll get it sorted out. Thanks everybody for your patience.

We are coming up with more and better ideas for the new box. It helps that our contractor is also one of our athletes and will have a vested interest in the new place. We really do want this to be a top notch facility for all of you and we’re doing our best within budget to make it happen. Many of you have been asking where it’s at and how do we get there? As soon as all the red tape is cut and we officially break ground I will put a Google map and the address here on the blog so everyone can have directions and map it out. Exciting!!!!

I want to make a small request if I may, because our classes are getting so big and everybody is so pumped up for the WOD, it is making it difficult for everyone to hear important information at the top of class. I need just a few minutes of everyone’s cooperation when I am going over the details of the day. This usually only takes 5-10 minutes and then everybody knows what’s up. What usually ends up happening is all the vets that know what’s up are doing their thing and it makes it hard for the new person that really needs their questions answered. If everyone could be courteous enough to do, as they demonstrate at certification, a 1-2-3 all eyes on me for just a few then it would make it easier to get down to 3-2-1 Go!

Down to business…

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener

15 Min AMRAP

15 KB Swings, 2/1.5 pood

15 Goblet Squats 2/1.5 pood

15 Box Jumps 24″/20″

15 Toes To Bar

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