Wednesday 6/30/21


Mark your calendars for this Saturday, July 3rd at 10am. In observance of the 4th we will be doing a Hero WOD called “The Seven.” For those of you who’ve done this WOD before you know three things. It’s long, it’s heavy, & it’s nasty! And what better way to do that by honoring our military & first responders & celebrating America! If you’re in town next weekend then c’mon out and let’s have some fun!

We will not have Border City Barbell class this Saturday in light of all of us doing “The Seven.” We will just have one class time at 10am.

In observance of the 4th the Weekend Warriors will not meet next Sunday afternoon. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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2-3 min foam roll legs

(Grab DB lighter than WOD weight)

100m jog

Arm circles

Arm back slaps

Arm up and overs

:20 sec calf stretch each leg

10 slow and paused air squats

:20 sec pigeon hold each leg

10 seal push ups (hips pinned to the mat and pause at the top)

10 alt lunges

:20 sec Scorpion each side

5 L + 5 R single arm DB DL (DB between legs)

5 L = 5 R DB shrugs (from hang position)

5 L = 5 R DB shrug + scarecrow (from hang position)

10 Alt DB snatches from floor

Gymnastic Skill

10 min to get inverted

Work on HSPU, holds, walks, etc


2 rounds

5 cal bike

5 sit ups

4 alt DB snatches

4 slam balls

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Step off I’m doin’ the HuMP
AMRAP at each station

3 min bike for cal

1 min rest

3 min sit ups

1 min rest

3 min alt DB snatches 50/35

1 min rest

3 min slam balls 20/12

Cash Out

5 x 200m run

Rest 90 sec between runs

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