Wednesday 5-30-12

I  want to remind everyone  we are doing a baby shower for Daylon & Lauren this Saturday June 2 at 11 a.m. Sign up is at the box next to the WOD board.

I haven’t put muscle ups in the WOD in a while and today there were several people getting them, some for their first time – AWESOME! On a different note we have some that want to do more than they can and I understand that, I am always wanting to test what I can and can’t do, but some things take time. If everyone could walk in and do what we do then what we did wouldn’t be so effective. The best thing to do is learn what steps to take to get what you’re trying to do and then steady the course.

I came across this on a very respected CrossFitters post. I thought it deserved to be shared. There is more to food than just calories, etc. Is your food nurturing? Empty calories, no matter where they come from, are a waste and yes that is full fat raw milk. Know the ingredients!

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener

15 Min AMRAP:

7 Cleans, 40%DL

14 Tuck Jumps

21 Pull Ups

3 on the spot burpees each time you drop from the bar

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