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Wednesday 5-23-12

“Easy Peasy” Mobility Session



Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood

Box Jumps, 24″/20″


Death by Burpee Toes to Bar

Perform one burpee toes to bar the first minute, two the second minute, three the third minute and so on until you can’t complete the mandatory number of reps for that minute.

Many of you know that I firmly believe in eating “Paleo”, or as I’ve come to call it, “eating clean”. Robb Wolf is a huge advocate of “Paleo” and a leading source of knowledge on the subject. He has put together a series of videos on the topic, a q&a if you will, that I have posted below. The whole thing in it’s entirety is lengthy but you can watch it in segments and I highly recommend that over time we all watch the whole thing. Feel free to discuss and debate openly. 3-2-1 Go!

  • Joel

    Do you have any copies of his book off hand?

  • Sandy A

    I have been studying nutrition and eating styles for almost 30 years. This has enabled me, along with consistent exercise to maintain my weight within 10 lbs for all these years, along with good BP and cholesterol/sugar levels. The Paleo/Primal eating style reminds me very much of a mixture of the old “no white diet” of the 70s (no “white” food–potatoes, sugar, bread) and a whole foods diet. It is a pendulum swing from the typical SAD (Standard American Diet), which is a good thing, however IMHO I do not believe that it is necessary to cut out all legumes, rice, and whole grains. HOwever, it is important to limit these items, and not allow them to become a substantial part of the diet. 
    That said, I believe that the looming obesity epidemic, along with ever increasing consumption of cheap refined starches and sugars in the US  (many of which are gov’t subsidized, but that is another can of worms), is going to lead to a massive health problem that is going to cripple the American economy in the next 2 decades. It is already starting. 
    PS these remarks are merely my opinion based on research and observation of myself and others.

    • Sandy A

      one more thing–we 1st worlders are indeed fortunate that we can pick and chose what to eat, rather than only eating what we can afford or what is available.

    • Justin Hignight

      I have to agree with you, Sandy. Like other belief systems or ways of life, there is a Paleo spectrum and it seems like everyone has a different viewpoint on what to shut in/out of their diets. That’s a beautiful thing b/c I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all diets.

      I don’t know if you’ve read Robb Wolf’s book yet but the one thing I want to reference from that is that he found Paleo b/c of all the food allergies he had as a young vegetarian (you mention the 70’s & that’s when all the rice cookers were so popular). So taking everything into account my conclusion is that the Paleo diet in its purest form is meant for people who have allergies to things such as wheat, corn, starch, soy, peanuts, gluten, lactose, casein, etc. I happen to be one of those people who have a very high tolerance for all these things (but if I sniff bad food I gain weight so don’t feel bad LOL) so from a personal standpoint I don’t feel it to be as urgent to cut out all these things…at least not entirely. On the other hand there are properties about those foods that can cause you to develop allergies over time so like you said if you must splurge with these items some restraint should be in order.

      The main thing I’m trying to focus on at the moment is reducing my BFP down to around 10%. I’ve hovered around 18-20% for the past several months and I think I’ve finally figured out that if I can just scale back the carbs to a bare minimum (the science is referenced in the book as well) & for now even though healthy fats are imperative on Paleo limiting them where I can then I truly give my body no other option but to use the already existing resources it has, so I even stick with lean meats. When my BFP is where I want it to be then begin to add back some of the higher fat/carb choices.

      I’ll conclude by saying that even with all this info I still have to mention that sometimes people have weaknesses where they eat for emotional reasons or comfort. Mine is peanut butter, Nutella and honey. I think my food fantasy is to eat my way out of a room full of that stuff! LOL So my point is that I could technically just diet with a glass of water and a toothpick and still be shooting myself in the foot on body fat. I hope my blog has somehow edified what your viewpoint is and I hope you have a blessed day!

      I hope no Paleo purists were offended by these statements but if so then that’s just another bug on the windshield of life!

  • Joel Wright

    The first few days of paleo are tuff if you are hooked on wheat and dairy. Thankfully I no longer miss these item. Milk used to look good now it looks like white glop to me. I already enjoyed veggies and meat frequently so all I had to do is eliminate the wheat and dairy. I’ll still eat some rice here and there because it doesn’t give me any problems.

  • Kim

    Good discussion!  Rob Wolf’s book is simple and an easy read!  You can find it on Amazon.  I am back to clean eating after having a stomach virus then carb and sugar loading for a week then 4 days of migraines from withdrawing from sugar now 3 days of needed 8 hours+ sleep while body readjusts to burning something other than carbs!  Clean eating for me = more energy, less sleep, better memory, better recall, and much improvement on my blood screens at the doctor!  It is amazing how much of a difference food makes in your life!  As far as weight, I have only lost 10 pounds since starting Paleo but I will take it!  Share your recipes with Jaremy so we can all benefit!!

  • Mylene

    2:33 /  8 rounds + 4 reps RX