Wednesday 5-2-12

CrossFit Kids

Beginning June 4  9:30 – 10:30 preK & kids, 10:30 – 11:30 teens Mon, Tues & Thurs. Wed & Fri  for teens & advanced kids. Ask for details.

Great responses on our strength day. I know we learned a lot, I see people applying what we went over. I feel like one of the long term scenarios I used opened some eyes. If you’re on a program, any program that is legit, for your strength and I’m just in there lifting  on the strength days, I might be stronger initially and in fact for some time but in the long run you’re likely to catch and surpass me just because you’re following a program and I’m not. If some of us would back up, look at our technique, adjust the load accordingly and follow the programming it’s only going to be a matter of time before you are legitimately stronger. Lifters work hard a whole year to make 5-20 lb gains in their lift. We can’t abandon ship because after 4-8 weeks we’re not lifting crazy weight. Keep working on technique and proper form and make small jumps over time.

We have several athletes that are wanting shirts. I know that we are out of sizes for most of you. We want to place another order and we want to make sure if you got missed last time that you definitely get one this time. I will place a sheet at the box for everyone to put which shirt they want, what color and what size. We will do more skull shirts for sure and we will do shirts of various colors that will have CrossFit Texarkana on the front like the skull shirt, perhaps nothing on the back.

We are putting a recipe/cookbook together to pass out to everyone. Bring your favorite recipe and share.

Warm Up and Mobility: Trips up and down the mat, Wall Ball Shots, Find Your Corners, Thoracic Oscillations (bring a peanut if you have it)

For Time

10 Rounds of : 

Bear Crawl down the mat

Broad Jump Back

Rest 30 seconds


40 Sit Ups

20 Pull Ups

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Now that’s what we’re looking for. She doesn’t even look like she’s putting in that much effort. Truth be known she may have been working years on it.