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Wednesday 4-4-12

Great feedback on the site! You guys are awesome! Keep it up.

I have sent out invites via FaceBook to everyone. Let us know if you definitely plan on attending so we can accommodate. Each of you pass the invite along and let’s have a packed house. I would like some volunteers to help with some of the checklist items. If you can help in any capacity, greeting guests to bringing food, please catch up with me. We will have a list at the box of what we will need to pull this off successfully. If you can do/bring anything on that list it would be greatly appreciated.

Warm Up: 1 X CrossFit Warm Up, Burgener

15 Min AMRAP:

5 Ground to Overhead, 60% OHP Max

7 Burpees

9 Toes to Bar

Post reps to comments


OHP Strength

BAM! That’s whats up!

  • Micheal spades

    Today was good I see that I need a lot more conditioning and stamina. I’ve come a long way but feel I have a long way yet to go. So every day I look forward to what’s on the board and strive to reach new pr’s and remain limitless!!!

  • Jcreedog

    We’ve come a looooong way! Let’s keep working hard.

  • MollyC

    I wanted to get a lot further than I did, my toes to bar were so slow because of my lack of grip strength.
    173 reps @ 55lbs which was a little higher than my 60%
    I enjoy crossfit because it constantly is showing my weaknesses, in a normal gym most people just continue to work on what they are naturally good at. Crossfit had allowed me to become a more well rounded athlete & I LOVE it!
    Good Job in the 8:30!

  • Derik

    Enjoyed this workout! 164 reps @ 95lbs(8lbs higher than my 60%). Nice job Molly!

  • Justin Hignight

    Cranked out 142 reps on this 1…not bad 4 my 1st day back n a few days! Of course since I didn’t have my gloves w/ me 2day I resorted 2 mimicking the t2b movements from the floor. My hands thanked me on that 1! I did 75lbs on the g2o; mostly snatches but some c&j. The burpees were…well…I think we all have a few choice words 2 say about burpees…LOL The only thing I will say is that they r known for destroying WOD times!!! You could throw n any other move & I would smoke it but you throw n 5 burpees/round & I’ll lose 4-5 minutes of WOD. It’s something 2 improve on, though.

    My OHP Strength seems 2 b coming along nicely. I’m n week 2 of my 3rd progression & I’m working with a max of 123.5lbs. I know compared 2 most of the dudes down here that’s pretty weak but considering where I’ve come from I’m pretty proud of myself! The one lift I’m still almost embarrassed about is my bench press…Spades told me 2day that the OHP will help the BP, but I wonder if I should maybe consider doing the 5-3-1’s with this lift as well (it is included n the iPhone app I have). I still remind myself of the quotation I made up when I look @ all this…”you’ve gotta suck b4 u can b awesome.” If I keep that n mind then I’ve got a whole lifetime of fitness 2 achieve…rock on little chillins!

  • Tamra Simpson