Wednesday 4-25-12

I have been noticing less and less strength work after the WODs lately and then I get questions like, “what can I do to get better pull ups?” I can’t think of a better way to sum it up than the quote below.

“…a weight that feels light off the floor can be pulled faster
than a weight that is comparatively heavy. If you’re not in shape to recover from a heavy pull,
I can’t think of a better way to get in shape than doing heavy pulls. If you can keep your back
flat pulling 700, you can damn sure keep it flat when you accelerate through 525.” – Mark Ripetoe

What he is saying is GET STRONGER! and then everything seems lighter. Would pull ups not seem easier if you didn’t feel as heavy?

Group Warm Up


Press Strength

We will move strength back to the before the WOD for today. The WOD will consist of similar movements.


3 Rounds:

100 Double Unders

As many body weight bench press as you can complete

Post load and reps to comments

What can you do with 15 minutes? I’ve heard people say things like It’s not even worth going to the gym if all I have is 15 minutes. Did any of you want 20?