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Wednesday 4-11-12

I know everybody’s beat up a little, especially the hands from all the bar work. I commend everyone on their hard work the last few days.

Warm Up: Spealler



Double Unders

Sit Ups

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OHP Strength

Derik Johnson had the honor of doing the flag ceremony for the Ranger’s game opening day last Friday. I think he looks sharp and I wanted everyone to see what the flag ceremony looks like on the field. I want to attend a game now!

  • Jcreedog

    Today’s wod was a hand killer! Does anyone else feel my pain?

  • Justin Hignight

    22:05…I think what’s really slowing me down on WODs like this is my grip strength on the bar. Everybody knows about me busting my right ring finger last October and I’m also a compulsive knuckle cracker. While doing this is actually good in that it helps in preventing arthritis later on it severely weakens a person’s grip. What I’m thinking about doing is getting some squeeze balls to compensate for the grip I’ve lost in cracking my knuckles;-)

  • mkrueger

    Yeah! I’m on the road to being a real crossfitter. I have hand calluses!
    Yes, today’s workout was tough and I felt I was at the zoo….angry gorillas, bears, monkeys, etc………..

  • Mylene

    Looking sharp Derik!

    • DerikJohnson


  • Micheal Spades

    Derik, thank you for your service. It’s men an women like you that make it possible for us to live as we do. As a man who has given up his rights an freedom I understand the value. I could never thank you enough for your sacrifices and your hardships you’ve endured for our freedoms an yours. I feel proud to stand beside you and call you my friend.
    And I’m looking forward to WODing with you and competeing against you in the 8am class.
    Again I thank all the men and women of out armed forces that go out every day and make it possible for us to live free.

    • DerikJohnson

      Thanks buddy, I appreciate it! See you on Saturday!

  • Mylene

    6:04 baby!