Wednesday 2-29-12

Congratulations to Lori, Stacy and Justin!!! All three left the band alone for Jackie and did all 30 pull ups RX. Knowing that only months ago none of them could get a single unassisted pull up that is a great feat.

I made a mistake on the 1:30 time slot for the Warrior Dash. Apparently that time is still available. Be sure to register quickly and get your shirt size to Mylene.

This Saturday I would like for everyone that has signed up for CrossFit in the last two months to make the 8:30 workshop. Instead of making it about one theme we will cover several things necessary for all newcomers.

20 Mins: Warm Up, OHP Strength and WOD Overview

Warm Up: 30 Jumping Jacks, 5 Handstands, 10 Wall Ball Shots


30 Snatches for Time, 135/95 lbs

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