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Wednesday 2-15-12

20 Mins: Warm Up, OHP Strength week 3 and WOD Overview

Warm Up: Spealler


For Time:

30 Clean and Jerk 135/95 or 90% of OHP max

Post time and load to comments

Olympic Weightlifting Jerk

Notice a rep is bringing the feet back together with control of the bar locked out in active shoulder overhead.

  • Micheal Spades

    This was my first time doing “GRACE” I chose to go RX 135# I hoped for 10 min I did it in 9:14.  Not great, not even good but its a starting point.  My lack of jerk technique killed my time. Still I am happy to do the WOD’s RX and give it all I have. Time is not important to me doing it correctly is.  At this point I’ve been training in the box for about 4 months.  I came in and could barley clean 75# my snatch was about the same, couldn’t do an over head squat with a stick and couldn’t air squat properly at all.  I wore a 36 waist pant and weighted around 195#. I now can squat deep, OHS 125#, just did 30 cleans with 135# and weight 185# with a 32 waist…. I’d say I’m winning.  Crossfit does things for people not only in a physical way but it affects your mind and soul.  Changes your goals your diet and gives you a new vocabulary, i.e. whats your “FRAN”? I have no idea what I’ll do next because I no longer have limits.  I think we should all comment on how crossfit has changed and is changing us.