Wednesday 12-28-11

Kudos to Annette. She and Charlie were the only ones to follow through completely with the challenge, points and all. I got to tell you she kind of proved it’s not about how much you eat as it is what you eat. Her points were really low because she stuck with prescribed nutrition entirely and didn’t get all the extra points for zoning and such. She dropped 9% in the 9 weeks!! That’s good. Everybody should give her a pat on the back when you see her. 
We are going to work on some new stuff today. We will incorporate a little mobility into the WOD then get our strength on. 

3 Rounds 0f:

Hold Bridge Up for 90 seconds

Hold German Hang for 30 seconds


Bench Press

Resting 60 seconds between sets: 

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Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.