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Wednesday 11-30-11

This is a benchmark WOD. It’s much shorter in time than what we’ve been doing but nonetheless bring your A-game. We will take a few minutes at the top of class and make sure everyone is comfortable with the lift. Make sure this one makes it in the PR book. If you do not have a page in the PR book, let’s get one, just bring it to my attention. 


For time:
135/90 pound Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

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Theresa “the graceful flamingo” (everyone that saw the pre-step dance gets it lol!) illustrating how to do an overhead walking lunge.

  • Memrooster74

    Today I did “grace” with 115 lbs. Its my first PR WOD. I’ll do the PX 135lbs the next time we do it. But coming from never doing Olympic lifts I feel pretty good about my progress. Molly is a constant inspiration she killed it today as she does every day. And seeing her use 20 lbs less then myself and dominate “grace” was incredible. I look forward to every day I train I have changed my diet my sleep an work schedule I no longer drink alcohol at all crossfit is dominating my life and all I do is look to see what we’ll do tomorrow!!!