Wednesday 11-28-12

What is simple but difficult? Makes you feel like a million bucks and like garbage? Can make you strong and weak? Makes you restless and makes you sleep like a log? NUTRITION!

I could go on and on with the contrasts but you get the idea. It seems like we are constantly covering nutrition in one way or another and it is also the one topic we get questioned about the most. We just did an “It Starts With Food” series that I believe opened some eyes to just how complex this subject is. If you have general questions about food and what you should eat I recommend reading that book for starters. Yes, for starters.

If you look at CrossFit as a means to control weight, guess what? You’re always going to struggle with weight. Why? That’s a matter all in itself. I’ll share a personal experience to shed some light. I had my nutrition dialed in. Just enough calories to support my lifestyle but not enough to store body fat. Everything was rolling right on. Injury. Workout changed. Nearly 20 lbs gained in a matter of what seemed like weeks. Life throws us curve balls and if we don’t adapt we get slammed. What had to change for me to lean back out was my nutrition. So I was lean again and with no workout to speak of. How? That’s right nutrition.

It’s our nature to want to get away with the most we can without consequence. You have to abandon that, even if for just a relatively short period of time, and pay the piper to figure out what you can and can’t get away with. It’s tough but if food always has a strangle hold on you it will always be a demon. Face it, fight it, conquer it and understand what it is we talk about when we speak about nutrition.

This is a short excerpt on nutrition from the 2nd fittest man on the planet. It is going to confuse most of you and that is kind of where I am trying to go with this. You have to learn what to eat and when to eat it, no matter what your lifestyle is or that fat monkey will always be on your back. So when some of you ask “what am I supposed to eat…?”, this is why there is really no easy answer.

15 Minute Warm Up: moderate Tabata row, double unders (55), dynamic stretches

10 Min AMRAP:

Team Row for Calories

We will line the rowers up in single file fashion, just as if we are in a boat. We will row in unison (row to “row” command). At the end of 10 minutes top calories rowed for male and female is exempt from any penalty. Each other athlete performs 1 burpee for every calorie rowed behind their leader. 

Post total calories in the 10 minutes to comments