Wednesday 11-2-11

“The Pessimist complains about the wind, the Optimist expects it to change and the Realist adjusts his sails.”

– William Arthur Ward 

 Mobility WOD

10-15 minute overview of what to do

20 minutes of WOD

 We will take a breather from the WODs we normally do and focus more today on Mobility. Some of you might be inclined to look at this as a chance to “take a day off”. That’s the last thing anyone we have needs to do. When Joe and I first opened we focused more on mobility and our athletes advanced and improved range of motion and general movement far greater than we are seeing now, and that was before we stressed warm up as much. I have seen over the last few weeks that as I have left it more and more up to the individual to warm up and get prepared for the WOD that everybody’s warm up has gotten shorter and shorter and specific stretches to address problem areas have all but come to a halt. Some of that may have to do with a lack of direction but I feel like most of it has to do with a lack of understanding. I want us all to understand mobility and how crucial it is to maintain it not only as it pertains to CrossFit but even life in general. Bring a notepad and get the basics and then I will work on specifics with individuals as much as time allows. 
  Thursdays WOD will be back on for some serious work and today will help everyone get back up to par (or even above par) for it.