Wednesday 11-14-12

Toys For Tots

One more day to fill up our box. We’ve got a good start, let’s finish strong.

Warm Up: 3 rounds – Run 200m, 5x thrusters 45#/35#, 10x step ups each leg, 10x sit ups.

10 Min AMRAP:

3 Thrusters, weight to be determined in warm up

1 Box Jump, height to be determined in warm up

25 Double Unders

Post rounds to comments

30 Ways To Never Get The Body You Want And Feel Terrible Trying:

#30) Always have an excuse ready for why you’re not doing any of the things you know you should do to feel better. “Tired” will cover most bases, but “headache,” “no willpower,” “stress,” and “busy” should pretty much round out anything you need to excuse. If you find yourself in a situation in which none of these things apply, be sure to blame someone else.