Wednesday 10-31-12

Happy Halloween!

I want to stand on my “soap box” for a minute, something I haven’t done in a while. I program weight training most days. This is intentional and with a purpose. That purpose is not, however, always to go heavy. This is something that I have addressed before but I want to go into some detail with you on why I program the way I do.

There are many “gurus” in the business that each have their own spin on programming. Heavy lifts, certain lifts, certain days, awkward objects, accommodating resistance… the list goes on and on. One thing all the good ones have in common is an extensive knowledge of research and reason and an understanding that following a program specifically, provided it is a good program, is where you reap the most reward.  One thing each and every one agrees on is that recovery is necessary or injury and/or a decrease in training effect occurs. This is not debatable!

Recovery doesn’t mean take the day off. We do “active recovery” days often and I don’t think that many of us realize that is what we are doing. On active recovery days the intent is actually to address issues that we may have with things such as rom, mobility, speed, skill set, etc. The load on those days is not intended to stress the body but actually for feedback to work on the issues aforementioned. The load on these days is every bit as important as it would be on any other day. Too much is too much. For example, Coach Burgener has developed a reputation for being able to wear you out with nothing more than a pvc pipe. Every load has it’s place. Yes, working with a pvc pipe is making you stronger. If this puzzles you then see me in person.

CrossFit is known for its intensity and that is why I do try to program skills and mobility issues into some WODs. My intention is never to make anyone feel inadequate but an issue is an issue and there’s only one way it will cease to be an issue. To quote Louie Simmons, “First, and most important, is to properly select exercises that address your particular problems”. I really do strive to make CrossFit Texarkana the number one fitness facility in our area and I do hope everyone knows that your fitness is my priority.

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Lori great job on all your mobility yesterday!



20 Min AMRAP:

5 Handstand Push Ups

10 One-Legged Squats (pistols)

15 Pull Ups

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30 Ways To Never Get The Body You Want And Feel Terrible Trying:

#23) Drink your calories. Remember that 100 calories of orange juice is EXACTLY the same as 100 calories of egg whites and spinach. Plus as we all know, celebrities and models drink juice. Therefore so should you.