Wednesday 1-15-2014

Great job on yesterdays wod!! Every once in a while you need a special wod that really tests your limits. With that said I’ll bring up this friday. We have 2 blank spaces on our beast board and we’re about to make one a special CrossFit Texarkana Benchmark wod. It will be hard. I know you’re thinking “aren’t they all?!” You’re right, but friday will be a special kind of hard. Those who have done it called it very “character building.” It will be very taxing mentally but that’ll be the point. We want to see how hard you’re willing to push yourself. We want everyone to try and make friday to participate in CFT’s first benchmark workout. Remember, everything we do is scalable and modifiable. We can’t wait!!!

Warm Up


Push Press



Partner Wod

20 Min AMRAP:

3 Power Clean 135/95

6 Pull Ups

9 Box Jumps 24/20

12 Deadlifts 135/95

15 Grasshoppers

*Partners alternate. Partner A does 3 PC, then partner B does 6 pull ups, partner A then does 9 box jumps, and so on.