Tuesday’s Gone

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Warm Up

Warm Up.

3-5min Foam Roll

Concentrate on Quads and Lat’s

3 rds Tabata Jumping Jacks

20 seconds on 10 seconds off.

1 min each movement or 30 seconds each side.

Couch Stretch


Open Half Kneeling

Prayer Stretch

3 Eccentric Curls

Deep Squat With Rotation

( Warrior Stretch)

Burgener warm up

Overhead Squat 5X5


5@ Warm up weight

5@ Warm up weight

5 @ work weight

5 @ work weight .

5 @ 5 Lbs heavier than last week

We will be doing OHS for the next 4 weeks. gradually increase weight over each set, and try add 5 Lbs to the last set each week.


KB Snatch instruction/ pull-up warm up

Coaches choice.

GW: Metcon (Time)

Tuesday’s Gone (15 min time cap)

Buy in

10 Wall-Walks


3 Rounds for time.

20 Pistols( Alt)

10 Strict pull-ups

16 KB Hang Snatches 53/35 ( 8&8)
Get with a coach for modifications.

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