Tuesday 9-4-12

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

Everyone is in our planner for a membership due date of the 5th or the 20th. If you have not received some form of notification, as in an email, to make your payment then let  me know. We expect that there may be some tweaking to do to get everything lined out. If any of you have any questions or concerns with your billing please speak to me or Daylon privately. Thank You.

Gaining flexibility is primarily about discipline. It requires neither great pain nor specialized knowledge of particular tricks. The primary key to gaining flexibility is simply to stretch often. If you do not stretch, or do so only sporadically, your gains in flexibility will be limited. To improve your flexibility, you should stretch at least once a day, and, if possible, multiple times per day. Short, repeated exposure to stretching is more productive than a single intense or long bout of stretching. For example, it is far better to stretch ten minutes per day, every day, than to stretch 70 minutes once a week. Stretching is also a long-term commitment and must be continued indefinitely to maintain and/or increase flexibility. – CrossFit Journal

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3 Rounds For Time:

10 Back Squats, 40% of 1 rep max

15 Toes to Bar

20 Burpees

* Back Squat load must come from the ground *

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