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Tuesday 8-14-12

School will be resuming soon and schedules will be getting back to normal. I feel like we need to implement some more structure back into the classes. I’m really excited about it! We have lots of new faces since we “relaxed” a little bit and I see that going back to more of a class setting will help more people get better. We will warm up together again and incorporate more mobility preWOD and that will help everybody! We have been running more than one heat in many classes but we will do our best to shift back to one heat. There just simply won’t be enough time to run more than one heat most of the time and I like the intensity of the “controlled chaos” in the larger groups (and I know most of you do to).

Warm Up and Mobility starts at the top of class. 


Front Squat



WOD Overview

For Time:

100 Double Unders

4 Rope Climbs

100 Double Unders

4 Rope Climbs

30 Wall Balls, 20/14

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  • Blane

    I must say, that’s the best demo video I’ve seen.

  • mylene

    Better 100 double unders than 100 thrusters ! LOL

  • Stacy Warren

    Those girls were badass and hot!!!! Just sayin