Tuesday 7-31-12

There are a lot of things that I work hard at to improve my performance. It seems like every time I turn around there is something new that I add to my list. Even though my list seems to grow bigger and bigger there is one thing that made the top of my list in the beginning that I would have thought I would have mastered by now – MOBILITY! What I have come to realize is this one thing will always remain at the top of my list. The harder I work at getting more fit and healthy the more that first thing becomes necessary.

Our numbers are up to a point where I frequently see the cringes of faces blasting through the WODs with very little elasticity. It really sucks when we have “a man down” due to a pull. Think of it as the muscles should stretch more like bungee than a rope. A really strong bungee, beginning with the feet which are like the foundation of our structure. If the foundation is weak and/or cracked how solid is the house? I have MOBILITYWOD linked to our site to surf and find whatever you may need to work on your mobility but I have recently discovered another site that is very informative on the subject, www.tpthereapy.com. This site will break down specifically why we MUST mobilize. CheckĀ it out.

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener


Squat Strength


4 Rounds for Time:

15 KB Swings, 1.5/1 pood

100 M Run with KB in left hand

100 M Run with KB in right hand

4 Box Jumps, 65%

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