Tuesday 7-24-12

I know y’all are wondering why the switch up on the strength. We have many people needing to work on their strength and due to time constraints it has been tough to perform two lifts and get a WOD in on one day. We can spend just a few minutes warming up and lifting before we WOD and still be timely. Honestly I believe it would help warm us up a little more too, something we can still work on.

I know it’s par for the course to fall out after the WOD and then flock to the fan. Our recovery should include a warm down. Properly bringing the body back down to a resting state is training smart. We all train hard, the way to train for the rest of our life is to train smart. Take a moderate lap around the block, do some easy rowing or cycle for a few minutes on the bikes we have in the back. Your body will thank you for it!

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener

Squat Strength


3 Rounds:

200 M Run

8 Front Squats, 40% Back Squat Max

12 Toes to Bar

4 Front Squats, 40% Back Squat Max

8 Toes to Bar

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