Tuesday 5-8-12

Warrior Dash this Saturday! If there is anybody that wants to go but didn’t get registered let me know, I think we have a couple of tickets to spare. We can meet at the box at 9 a.m. as usual Saturday and caravan out. Several people will be taking vehicles that will allow us to car pool. If we leave at that time we can grab a bite to eat when we get there so we have fuel for the course and not be in a big rush.

I want to clarify my intentions for a class around lunch time. It would only be feasible to start meeting at this time if we have about six people interested. It would work ideally for only two so far. Daylon and I train at this time and our schedules would have to be altered to make the class work. It is something we are willing to do after we have the six people committed. Many times we are not at the box at that time. So, again, give us feedback to help us reach a decision. CrossFit Kids will run through 11:30 so it would have to be at 11:30 at the earliest.

Several people were trying out the mobility wod movements I ran yesterday on the site. This stuff works y’all!!! Life is movement, better movement is better life.

Warm Up


Squat and Deadlift Strength

If you understand these movements then we will observe, coach, cue and correct. If you are new we will take this time to work with you on foundations.




Clean, 135/95

Ring Dips

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¬†This is why someone moving heavy weight often doesn’t impress me as much. The hard part is getting it right.