Tuesday 5-1-12

I know many people are uncertain about when they owe their dues. Our numbers have gone through the roof and don’t fret, we have implemented a billing system that will take effect asap. This will eliminate any future confusion and perhaps give us some options on billing and memberships.

Today what we will do is focus on our strength movements. I want to progress through how we might warm up for the weights, how to set up properly and then how to correct flaws in the set up. To correct many flaws it will take mobility. The time is coming when we are going to have to be very strict on our form and what we allow on our movements. During the WOD fatigue sets in and form kind of takes a back seat to intensity. Outside of the WOD if we are meticulous about our movement the when it’s 3-2-1 Go we aren’t a train wreck.

Show up prepared to get work done!

Warm Up: Bergener, mobility

Deadlift and Squat Strength

other lifts will be monitored as well (clean, snatch etc.)

There is value in how we perform these lifts. A Frisbee might be light to her but would the dog food?