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Tuesday 4-3-12

It’s great to see so many new faces. Our community is constantly growing. I know that each and every athlete has come to CrossFit for a reason and a goal. At the bottom of each blog there is the word comments (If you haven’t ever been on disqus before you will need to sign up with it to comment on the site. It takes you through how to do that as you go).I want to run a drive to see how many comments we can get over the month of April. This of course means each of us have to stay active on the site. In reward for your participation we will give away a prize or prizes for the most or best comments. For today I would like to know; what are your specific goals? Not just to lose weight, but how much weight. Not to just get in shape, but how fast you want to run the 400 M. I know you  want to get strong, but do you want to be able to squat 1.5 times your body weight? Details, details, details. Help me help you. So, what are your specific goals? 3-2-1 Go!

Now that I have you familiar with the comments, I would like everyone to go to comments after this WOD and post your results. We have done this WOD before and we will most certainly do this again. You can track your results with disqus and not have to remember where you were three months ago when we did this last. This and understanding how to calculate your work capacity for any given WOD is how you see how far you’ve come over time with CrossFit.

Warm Up: Spealler

“Tabata Something Else”

8 rounds each, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. For reps:

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Sit Ups


Your score in each exercise is the lowest rep round you got out of the 8.

Post score to comments (not only on the board but on the site)


Justin’s, and many other’s, prayers have been answered. His mom had a successful liver transplant! 


  • Bgraves

    One of my goals was to compete with guys half my age. 5 months of Cross Fit has gotten me close. Can’t wait to see where I am after the next 5

  • Kim

    Prior to starting CrossFit my goal was to lose weight!  It is a goal that I failed at most of my adult life and if I continue to focus on that now I will fail again!  Since starting my current goals are as follows:

    Long Term Goal:  Achieve a level of fitness that allows me to be healthy and active for the rest of my life (no matter what the scale says).

    Mid Term Goal:  Complete 1 WOD RX! (No modifications)

    Short Term Objectives: 

    Get off both blood pressure meds
    Run RX without having to walk
    Do double-unders
    Box Jump 18″
    Push-ups off knees
    Add weight monthly to all lifts
    Continue Paleo way of eating
    Learn to like Burpees (Ha! Just Kidding, that will never happen)

    Disclaimer:  This list is subject to change!!

  • Joel Wright

     The past few months my goal has been show up and do the best I can. That’s pretty lame admittedly but It was a start. Now I’d like to be able to do a muscle-up and a overhead squat. As well as 15 lb strength increases in both squat and dead lift.

  • Sarah

    My goals are to be able to lift more weight, try to learn and have more paleo in my diet, and have banging six pack abs in a couple of months. I would also like to be able to not modify my pull-ups which with time and practice, I will get there.

  • Jay Budzilowski

    My goal is simple: 1 muscle up

  • Lauren Smith

    my goal is to be able to do 10 consecutive, unassisted pull-ups. i also want to continue to increase my weights so i can do the suggested WOD weight.

  • MollyC

    Longterm my goal is to reach the games! Hopefully make it into regionals next year. I have so many goals, it’s hard taking it one day at a time. By December Clean 185 snatch 125-135 ohs 150
    run a 1:10 400. I want muscle ups and handstand walks really bad!!
    My goal for right now is to stop listening to the voice in myhead that says what your doing now is fine, you don’t have to push harder, run faster or go heavier.
    I’m also after a 4:00 min Fran by July.

  • Jcreedog

    My goal is to kick Molly’s butt!!!!!

  • Dodie

    My goal is to get double unders, pull ups without
    Band, and do WODs at a faster rate. I want to see faster
    Results in losing fat around my hips and stomach! I would
    Love to run more hoping to see it gets easier and I get faster!

  • Memrooster74

    I had many goals when I was at globo gym now as a passionate crossfitter my ideas of limits have been dissolved. I work at every opportunity to improve my olympic lifts, increase my conditioning, and push myself as hard as I can daily. I cleaned 185 last week I never thought that possible. I did thrusters with 115 today the most I’ve ever done. Today I have no limits I just push always looking forward my goal is to be limitless

  • Derik

    Since starting crossfit my strength and agility have increased considerably. I would love to keep the improvements coming. One of my goals is to do 30 chinups on my Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test, crossfit has gotten me up to 21 so far. Also to deadlift double my weight which would be 360 lbs and to OHP 175 before July. Now that the weather is pretty and we are doing more running, I would like to also get my 3 mile time down to 20:30 from my current 23:40. I’ve already seen my increase in stamina on runs. My most important goal is to beat Casie every morning! Lol..

  • Mylene

    I have always competed with myself. So I want to beat my own time, I want to improve my PR’s…I want to do all these at the same time avoid injury.

  • Sandy A.

    I am new here. This evening will be my 2nd Crossfit. I want to gain overall body strength and be able to run again without pain (i was a long-distance runner for many years)

  • Justin Hignight

    I’d like 2 thank every1 4 all the prayers that went up on my mom’s behalf! She continues 2 do unbelievably well as she may b discharged from the hospital as soon as Thursday! I don’t know what lies n store 4 mom n the future but I know God has something very big & very powerful n the cards….she just has 2 gr8 a testimony! Maybe her WOD’n w/ us n the future might b n order…u never know!

  • BRenfro

    I want to improve my overall athleticism. Specifically, I want to improve my 2 mile run time (@16:00, shooting for 14:00) without having to sacrifice strength.

  • jbudlives

    5/4/7/7 RX

  • Cash Sparks

    My goal is to be able to do a muscle up by the end of the month. Yea it’s embarrassing, but I still can’t do one. Dang it! Lol

  • Mylene

    5/10/12/18 RX

  • Justin Hignight

    I have set way too many goals to list all in one blog, but there are some that stick out like a sore thumb. I have some Achilles heels in muscle ups, handstand push ups/walks, and bench pressing a respectable amount of weight (my body weight is a good goal). One thing that I really am trying to improve on are my WOD times/scores. All too consistently I am the last one finished, and while I’m not necessarily competing with anyone except myself, I wonder if there are some adjustments I should make that would reflect more accurately where I stand as an athlete in a well-rounded sense. I will say this, though. This is the first time of my life that I have ever exhibited any athletic ability whatsoever. A good number of you know that for 10 years I was obese and had lost a lot of hope and belief in myself. As a kid growing up I was never athletic either, being a band nerd and not a jock. CrossFit has been one of several things that God has used to turn my life around where I feel like I can succeed. So when you compare apples to apples I guess I really can’t complain especially looking at pictures of myself only two years ago!

    Another issue that sometimes makes me want to bang my head against the wall is dialing in my nutrition. Jaremy I know I sound like the boy who cried wolf when it comes to Paleo, but I assure you it hasn’t been solely to a lack of willpower. A lot of times I would go to a restaurant and order the most Paleo like item available thinking I was doing myself a good service. Through further education, however, I’ve found that often times we as a society are deceived by what’s in those McDonald’s salads. I’m now really trying to be more conscious of the oils that restaurants use in cooking and whether or not that chicken breast or fish filet is really that or something else. This makes it especially hard to stay on the Paleo wagon when I’m on the road because often times restaurants are the only option (maybe a Paleo travel workshop would be in order). Another thing I’ve also learned is that CrossFit is not so much about cosmetics as it is about achieving overall fitness; a good thing when you consider all the bull we’re fed through infomercial campaigns. It should be understood, however, that because of the emotional hell that I went through as a tubbo having a six-pack is still a driving force behind working out and eating good. People who live in small towns want to move to the big city and people who are fat lust after six-pack abs!

    • Kim

      Great job Justin!  And don’t worry when we are in WOD together I will always be last or if I finish before you it because I modified something!!  I agree that eating out on Paleo has been extremely hard.  I try to make my food daily but sometimes (like today).  I would love to have a Paleo Recipes/Eating Out Workshop!!

  • Kim

    7/7/7/7  (Rings & Push-Ups on Knees)

  • Cash Sparks

    10/8/8/12 Rx

  • Tamra Simpson


  • Tamra Simpson

    Simpson is my maiden name.  For some reason I can’t get google to recognize that I’m married. 

    Anyway, my goal when I first started CF back in July was to get my pre-baby body back.  I achieved that in November.  Now my goal is just to get stronger and be in the best shape I can be for when we decide to add to the family again.  I want my body to be able to handle pregnancy the second time better than it did the first time.  I also just love how amazed I am at my strength and endurance after a WOD.  It’s just so awesome b/c going into a WOD I’m so nervous and uncertain if I can do it.  And at the end, I’m so rewarded and in awe of what my body can actual do/handle.  CrossFit is good.  Good for the body and good for the mind!

  • mkrueger

    Ok, I had to think for a minute about my specific and detailed goals.
    I joined cross fit thinking I only needed to improve my core strength to make me a better runner. Well now I realized there is much more to just core strength and endurance. I look forward to running my next 50K trail run or marathon to see an improvement in my times due to over all strength. I realized that even by doing weight training during a WOD also makes me feel like I’m doing cardio at the same time. Of course I want to do pull ups effortlessly, especially a handstand push up without falling on my head. I’d like to see the weight increase in my workouts, but not my body. I might not ever be as strong as others in cross fit, but its not about that. To me, it’s about how I feel when I walk out of the box, or how I look and feel in the mirror………It’s just about me.