Tuesday 4-24-12

Core stability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the fitness training
community today. There are more programs and gadgets claiming to target “the core”
than can be counted. The effectiveness of most of them is questionable, but we’ll leave
that alone. First, lets clarify what the core is. The foundation of the body from which
the extremities (arms and legs) can move and function includes the spine, scapulae
(shoulder blades), and pelvis. Therefore, the muscles involved include abdominals, back
extensors, muscles acting on the hips and pelvis, and scapular stabilizers. Coach Glassman says we work on midline stability, not the core. This is to clarify that we don’t work on how our abs look at the cost of how they function. How many people have great looking abs and back problems?

Group Warm Up at the top of class

15 Min AMRAP:

200 M Run

12 Pull Ups

12 Burpees

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By definition above, how many of you felt your “core” get worked on this WOD? I was asked by several, “should I feel this in my back?” What do you think?