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Tuesday 4-17-12

We will be running in the dark this morning. If everyone would either wear reflective material or put one of our reflective vests on during the run we would appreciate it. We are always looking out for your safety.

Warm Up: Spealler, High Knees, Butt-Kickers, Pull Ups, Supermans

For Time:

800 M Run

10 Rounds of :

5 Back Extensions

5 Toes to Bar

800 M Run

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There he is, the elusive Silverback Gorilla. Maybe we’ll find him soon in the warm up.

  • MollyC

    It kinda looks like mike in yesterday’s picture!

    • Sarah W.


  • Kim

    Is that 10 Rounds of the Run also???

  • Kim

    You probably shouldn’t answer that because if you do I may sleep in!

  • Joshua D.

    Oy vey! Is the 800 meter run twice around the building?

  • Jcreedog

    I don’t know if it looks like Mike but it could definitely pass for Jaremy

  • Justin Hignight

    19:57…last as usual! LOL However…this was the first WOD that I’ve made it through the whole thing doing toes-to-bar as Rx…hip hip hooray!

  • Justin Hignight

    I’m posting this comment today because for some reason yesterday’s page gave me an error message…anywho…I learned a valuable lesson in yesterday’s WOD about squats. My ego I feel like has finally been completely busted, and that’s a beautiful thing! I think it must take the average male specimen a minimum of 6 months for that to happen…for me it took 9! LOL The main thing I wanna say is that now more than ever I don’t care if I’m not squatting anything but a feather if my form’s dialed in and I’m getting the right amount of intensity…then I squat that feather with pride! I wanna say a big thank you to Jaremy, Daylon, and Joey for y’all’s honesty in your comments about where I’m at. If something sucks and makes you wanna puke watching me do it…don’t mince words…you won’t hurt my feelings!!! So many places just let you pay your money to just show up and not learn anything, but you guys…kinda like CrossFit itself…actually seem to care whether each and every one of us who show up get what we need to get out of it…ROCK ON!!!

  • Cash Sparks

    14:17 Rx