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Tuesday 4-10-12

Coaching is about servitude and humility, not about what can I do you can’t. – Coach John (CrossFit Kids seminar team)

More and more people are calling, e-mailing and pouring in everyday. This is great! I am excited that our community is growing. It motivates me to know that we have so many people’s well being in our hands. I want everybody to be mindful of the opportunity we have to really change lives. I’m not talking about putting them on a diet, burning some calories, patting them on the back and saying “good job”. I’m talking about really changing the way fitness and health is perceived. CrossFit as a whole and specifically some of the movers and shakers that have been working diligently on defining health and fitness are on the verge of making some huge waves. We as a community here in Texarkana are a part of that! Our community numbers are growing to a point that we could and should impact a town the size of ours. We should be making a wave of our own in our city. How will you make a difference?

Warm Up: Gorilla Parade, Bear Crawls, Monkey Hangs

 Three rounds for time of:

5 Front Squat 
18 Pull-ups
10 Deadlift
18 Toes-to-bar
5 Push Jerk
18 Hand-release push-ups

Load will be Overhead Max

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The way our ladies keep showing up us men here at our box I sometimes feel like this is how it goes down around here lol!

  • Kim

    Dislike, Dislike, Dislike the new warm-up!  That must mean it works!

  • DerikJohnson

    Gonna die in the morning!

  • DerikJohnson

    18:34 RX(145), that was a great workout! Last round was a killer though. The benefit I’m enjoying the most from crossfit is my increase in stamina. Just when I think I have nothing left, I surprise myself.

  • MollyC

    13:37, true max 85. I struggle a little with transferring my skill like ttb into the WOD, but I love it bc everyday crossfit gives me a chance to get better!

  • Cash Sparks

    18:30 Rx (115)….tore a callus off and that threw a kink in my pace. All around I felt good though through every round. I want to increase my indurance a lot more though.