Tuesday 3-19-13

I know some of you have heard this before but there are many that may not have or they didn’t understand it at the time. There is an actual formula to calculate precisely what your work capacity for any certain WOD is. Most everybody knows that certain exercises favor certain sizes or body types. Pull Ups are good for athletes with shorter arms. Rowing favors the longer athletes. You get the idea. What you may not realize is that even though the longer guy beat you by :30 or rowed 8 more calories than you, you may have actually produced a higher work capacity for that WOD. The competitiveness in us wants to beat that guy/gal but that’s why we emphasize you should be in competition with yourself. How much better did you do this time versus last time? This is how it works: Multiply your load by distance and divide by time. So, if somebody with an overhead reach of nearly 8 ft gets beat in a 30 clean and jerk for time by someone with an overhead reach of  7 ft by only a few seconds, who produced the most work? Well of course there are variables to consider like did they both move the same weight? What is the actual weight of the athlete? You get the idea. It is much simpler to just say “yeah I beat you” or” that sucks you beat me”  but that is why we sometimes say “hey good job” when you might be beating yourself up. We understand the little things often missed like body mechanics, variance in athletes, etc. etc.

5 Rounds:

2 Clean and Jerk, AHAP (weight may be added between rounds)

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

Post load and time to comments

Let’s see if we can make some of this happen in our jumping jacks.