Tuesday 2-28-12

Mylene has placed a sheet on the front cork board for everyone to give her their shirt size for the warrior dash shirts. We need to get everyone that intends on going to the dash to register asap. Time slots are filling up. The 1:30 we were shooting for has apparently already filled up. Start on the 2:30 and we’ll make that work. Only sign up for a shirt after you have registered.

I’m going to ask everyone over the next couple of days for a song they want on our box playlist. Have a favorite or two ready. We will get them on a list according to what time you usually make a class.

I know that our box is tough to keep spotless. The constant in and out, chalk everywhere, and all that comes with the type of  training we do. I would really appreciate it, however, if I could get everyone to help with the little things. If you chalk up and get it all over the med balls, sweat all over the abmats, or get blood and such on the bars, or anywhere for that matter, please use the wipes we have available to clean up for the next round. The water bottles all over the box are getting way out of hand… you get the idea. Thanks

This WOD is a shorter one. We will go in heats as it has rowing. Many people have mentioned the need for mobility. As always you are more than welcome to come in for mobility in place of the WOD anytime if your schedule won’t allow you to come in separately for that. After the warm up anybody that needs mobility – here you go, a few minutes before or after the WOD.

Warm Up: 3 rounds of Cindy


1000 M Row

50 Thrusters 45/30 lbs

30 Pull Ups

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It would help many of us to identify which we are and what corrections we might need to make to maintain good posture.