Tuesday 2-11-2014

This weekend we have a group of athletes participating in Texarkana’s annual Run the Line Half Marathon. These guys and gals have been working their butts off in preparationĀ and we want to see a big support group out there to cheer them on. The race will start around 8am Sunday morning. We hope to see a lot of you guys there to root for these athletes!!! Race details can be found online at www.txkruntheline.org

Warm UpĀ 


For Total Reps:

1 Min Burpees

2 Min Hand Release Push Ups

3 Min Ground to Overhead 45/25 lb plate

4 Min Overhead Plate walk 45/25 lb plate

5 Min Sandbag Squats

Cash Out:

750 Row Max Effort

75 No Arm Abmat Sit Ups