Tuesday 10-11-11

 I often get caught up in the sport of CrossFit. I was always athletic growing up and very competitive. I have to admit that’s part of what appealed to me about CrossFit. But what mostly appealed to me about CrossFit is it’s ability to improve function, even on a basic level. So many fitness programs and health clubs out there are misleading us into thinking that just as long as we are doing something we are doing good. I have seen droves of gym members and at- home workout buffs that are awesome at doing something wrong. It has to be only a matter of time before backs go out, knees have problems, and our incorrect methods of training take their toll. We have to step back and acknowledge that our program keeps our body functioning properly at any age and at any fitness level. What we do is tough, and if it is too tough for you where you’re at now just keep in mind everything we do can be modified and scaled to improve your functional capacity without the need for beating another’s time or out working another athlete. Let’s make you more fit and healthy first, then work toward the sport of what we do, if that’s for you. At times I think about where I want to be in the distant future and it’s not in a nursing home or dependent on others for basic needs. CrossFit done right can keep us independent and functional for years to come. Even in the CrossFit competitions a rep is a rep for a reason. Increased work capacity through a full range of motion. Let’s do it right and live a quality life.

That being said-

10 Min Group Warm Up and WOD Overview at the top of class. Scaling/Modifying done at this time.



Thrusters 95/65

Pull Ups

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