Tuesday 10-1-2013

Today begins the race to 5,000 Burpees Challenge!!!! Everyone get your money in to Joe, Daylon, or Molly. Winner gets the pot! Let’s go folks, join in and accept the challenge!!! Don’t forget to get registered for Race for the Cure. Join a team and search CF Texarkana NOT CrossFit Texarkana. Lots of events coming up this month! Race For The Cure on Oct 19th, Texarkana’s first Zombie 5k on the 26th, and we’re looking to have our Halloween Party/Wod the night of the 26th. Details on those events to follow.

Foundations today at 5:30am and 6:30pm

Warm Up


7 Min

Find Max Clean & Jerk


20 Min Run

*Every Min on the Min sprint for 15 seconds.

Cash Out:

Tabata Handstand Holds

30 Hollow Rocks