Tuesday 1-29-13

  So what I was wanting to accomplish with the runs was form, pace and cadence. What kind of pace can you maintain for 5:00 with good form and then can you keep it for 6:00 and 7:00? If not, do you know what pace you can keep for each? Since the endurance seminar I have more respect for the endurance world. Endurance has never been my forte and a lot of it had to do with misunderstandings. You see, I can get into percentages with lifting and I understand go, but endurance athletes (the real ones) are data freaks. In the past I thought all that data was unnecessary. Now I am starting to get it. There is a better way to do everything, including endurance. Obviously that is one of my biggest weaknesses, so why not “strengthen” it? I have to take percentages to a whole new level for my endurance. Challenge accepted!

This is a little of what’s in store for me and everyone looking to step up their endurance…(again, there is B Mac language)

Warm Up: 95 Double Unders, 3 rounds of Cindy, Mobility, Burgener 




Snatch, 135#/95#

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A modified version would be something like mu progressions and kb swings