Tuesday 1-20-2015

Today we’re going to take advantage of this nice weather while it lasts! Bring your running shoes and any hand protection you may need.(gloves, tape, grips etc.)

Warm Up

*2 Min Jump Rope (single or double)

*High Knees/Buttkickers

*High Skips

*Broadjump/Spiderman Crawl

*Foot Crossovers/Gymnastics Bear Crawl + 3 HR Push Ups every 2 mat lengths

*PVC Warm UP



5 x 5



20 Min AMRAP:

400m Run

Max Rep Pull Ups

*Pull Ups stop when you drop from the bar

*Score total pull ups completed

Cash Out:

3 x 15 Russian Twists 25/15 (1L + 1R = 1 rep)

Banded shoulder mobility