Thursday 9-5-2013

Today’s wod is going to contain a lot of movements that are new to a lot of you. Fear not, there will be plenty of ways to scale and modify to get you introduced to any new stuff. This Saturday we are looking into having an Eatology Webinar at the gym before the 9:30am wod. If you missed the nutrition seminar last month or are a new member with nutrition questions then this is completely to your benefit to attend. Check back for details. Also, we will be having yoga at 10:45am on Saturday after the wod. I think everyone enjoyed it last time and it was especially relaxing after a weeks worth of hard work. Come get some!!

Warm Up


3 Rounds For Time:

20′ Handstand Walk

10 Bar Muscle Ups

10 Ring Dips

50 Double Unders

Cash Out:

Tabata Sprint

Rest 2 Min

Tabata Sprint


4 Min on/ 4 Min off

4 Min on/3 Min off

4 Min on/2 Min off

4 Min on/1 Min off

4 Min on