Thursday 9-15-11

Just to share a goal with you all; we want to reach 100 athletes. We still have a ways to go. It has been the experience of CFHQ and many other CrossFit boxes that word of mouth advertising is where it’s at. More athletes means a better facility for you. We can provide more toys, more trainers and get more certs to bring you better and/or more advanced ¬†programming. It’s a win win for everyone. We are test running an award incentive this month for helping us spread the word. Invite someone to come see us and if they join this month you get next month for free! I double dog dare each of you to take us up on this one.

Group Warm Up then @ 5 – 10 mins to set this one up and scale

For Time:

5 rounds: 

5 bench press with body weight

5 power cleans with body weight

then after the five rounds

100 double unders to finish

post times and weight to comments