Thursday 7-26-12

“Do yourself a favor, and realize that there’s no technique in the world that will save you. There are no pills, no secrets, no passwords on the path to greatness. You’ve got to embrace the pain, push the threshold, and feel the suck, and then you’ve got to muster the courage to go back six times a week.” – Dedication by Jon Gilson

Every once in a while I think it’s good  to address some things that come up in conversation around the box. As a trainer/coach/box manager, etc I have come to notice there are two major reasons we CrossFit. One – we want to CrossFit, two – we want to get a tough workout. What’s unusual about what we do is that they are not really the same. We all know that the WODs are usually tough and that’s what I see most people come to us for most of the time but CrossFit truly is more about quality of movement, working to get better at all ten fitness skills and understanding the importance of things like mobility and nutrition. On more than one occasion I have heard someone say something to the effect of “why haven’t you told me that before?”  We have all heard of the expression I wasn’t ready to receive it yet. Sometimes we don’t bring it up because we feel like you may not be ready to receive it yet. More often than not, we did tell you that before but you weren’t ready to receive it yet. You see, if we do the tough WODs long enough to understand what CrossFit is, then all of a sudden all the little cues, all the suggestions we make, all the advice we give and all the sites we recommend begin to hit home. Something we suggested or recommended months, weeks or even days ago may now be heard. This is when we see our member become more athletic and make drastic improvements.

Warm Up: 400 M Run, Bear Crawl 2x up and down the mat

Deadlift Strength


For Time:

400 M Sled Walk, 1/2 BW

30 Burpees

20 Hip Extensions

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