Thursday 6-21-12

Endurance athletes: This Friday, Saturday and Sunday Daylon will be at Nix Creek starting line at 8 a.m. to hold the first running clinic of the six week program. Pick one day that works for you and show up. A run will follow the clinic. If you haven’t paid Daylon yet bring your money then.

Zip Line/Canoe trip is right around the corner. I know several people are wanting to go that haven’t put their name on the board. We would like to get an idea of who is going so sign up please. This helps us prepare a little better plus assures us the group rates.

We have many great athletes in the box now days and many athletes that pour their heart out during the WOD and leave it all on the mat. I have mentioned before that I have a tremendous amount of respect for each of you that show up and put in the work. That being said it pains me to write what you are about to read. Some months back Joe wrote about our WODS being “Legit” and we put it up at the box. The idea of the letter was to get people to see our perspective on your WOD times. It seems as though we may have cycled back to the need to bring it up again. Here’s the letter:

“That’s Legit”

The CrossFit Community has always had a unique vocabulary, words and phrases like WOD, AMRAP , Pood , and RX are always being thrown around at the “box” , as are a few four letter words!

One of my favorites is: “that’s Legit “and while I don’t use that phrase around my office, “your portfolio is legit dude”, I do think it is very appropriate at the box!

Louie Simmons says, there are two methods of training being used today, the correct way, and the incorrect way. The same applies to the movements of CrossFit, weather it’s a thruster, squat, pushup, or any other of the numerous, and fun exercises we do, there is a correct way and incorrect way to do them.

I believe, although not intentional, Jaremy and I have let the pursuit of the fastest time take priority over proper mechanics. As many of you know I am as competitive as the next person, the first thing I do when I get to the box is look at the whiteboard to see who beat me, or the time to beat. I also know that many of you could care less about the time you turn in, as long as you get a “good workout”. (Why you should care what your time is, and the reason for posting it, is a discussion for another day.)

I would like to make two points regarding time, and form. I am sure some are thinking, this isn’t the CrossFit Games, why be so strict on every rep. Let me ask you a question. If the WOD was as simple as running one time around the block, and I cut through the ally, and then posted the fastest time, would that be right? Now if I posted my time and noted that I ran through the ally, it’s all good.

Now, no one is going to call you out because you didn’t break parallel on your 18th rep of the 21 thrusters in Fran, or get an active shoulder on the 8th rep of the last 9. Your right this isn’t the CrossFit Games. What we do want to see is you getting the large majority of the reps done correctly; this leads me into the why we really care!

Our main priorities are athlete safety and true overall fitness, making you a stronger and healthier person. We take those objectives very seriously. There are scientific reasons why going below parallel in a squat, and getting an active shoulder while doing overhead lifts, reduce the chance of injury. If you need proof see Jaremy or me, we can point you to several studies.

We all have things we do well, and things we need to work on. Swallow a little pride, leave your ego at the door, and modify the lifts and exercises until you get your form correct. Then one day, if you stay with the program, you’ll be doing more WODs RX! Then when you set a PR on Fran, someone will say, “That was Legit Dude.” Or Dudess!

This letter also translates into the importance of getting each rep that you claim. If I come in and look at your time on a particular WOD and know that there is no way you got it, how many other people are thinking the same thing? If you’re legit every WOD there’s just no way that you’re going to have the best time all the time, we all have weaknesses. If you bust your rump to get one of the worst times on the board that’s doing you more good in the long run than fudging to save face. How much face are you saving if we all call bs anyway?

Now down to business…

Warm Up: Junkyard Dog, Burgener

Squat and Deadlift Strength


“Death By Thruster”

Men – 95 lbs, Women – 55 lbs.

Wall balls will be the modification for those having trouble with the thruster. The first minute complete one thruster/wall ball. The second minute complete two thrusters/wall balls. The third minute, three. Continue until you can’t complete the mandatory number of legitimate reps for that minute.