Thursday 6-20-2013

It’s Only a Workout

Food for thought. How important is that clock hanging on the wall? How important is that whiteboard hanging under the clock? When do those red glowing numbers matter and when do they not? All kinds of variables go into your wod times for any given day. How you slept the night before, how you’ve recovered from the day before, how you’ve fueled and hydrated your body, your mood are just a few things from many different variables that will affect your wod times on any given day. Some days your times are great! Some days you may think you’re time is just terrible and frustration sets in. What is the clock to you? Is it a measurement of self worth? Absolutely not. Sure it’s a useful tool to measure progress, and we’re all about beating old times. That’s how we know that we are getting better. But what happens when the clock makes us slow down? What happens when the clock makes us choose to make the movements easier on ourselves by shortening the range of motion because we see that we just aren’t going to finish in time? We’ve all let that clock get in our head at one point or another, myself included! But at the end of the day, it’s just a workout. We choose to do this day after day because we want to get stronger and healthier.We want to move better and be more flexible. We want to continue to improve quality of life. That all begins with full range of motion, or mechanics. Period. You will not gain the strength you desire until you place ROM as priority #1. When you understand ROM and practice it over and over you reach consistency in that ROM. It should be at that point, and that point only, that we begin to increase weight, go faster, and really concern ourselves with what the clock reads at the end of our workout. What does your score mean when you had to break standards to get it? What does writing RX on the board mean if keeps you out of the gym for the next few days healing an injury? We do CrossFit to get better. The only way to get better is with mechanics, consistency, then intensity; in that order only. Those 3 things are what we should really be worried about first, not the clock or whiteboard. So next time your wodding and you look up at the clock only to get frustrated with yourself and give up, just remember, it’s only a workout.¬†

3 Min AMRAP x 4:

3 Power Clean 155/105 lbs

6 Dips (Rings, bar, box. Think ROM)

9 Burpees

* Rest 1 min between 3 min AMRAPS

Cash Out:

10 min Handstand Practice