Thursday 5-17-12

Oooh! Someone suggested zip lines. If we canoe it would be in the direction of the zip lines, maybe we could do both. It might be good to put a sign up sheet at the box with dates that would work best for you. 

I” hope” everyone is checking into CrossFit for Hope (haha Justin! Good one huh?). It looks like all you have to do is go to the site or FB page and sign up. If you participated in the open it is the same login and password. Ask if you need help. We will do this one at the box.

Warm Up: trips up and down the mat, mobility

Press Strength

I want to, of course, do overhead but also bench. There is a spot on the app for that.

The bench press and overhead press are two pushing exercises in separate planes of movement, such that when comparing them, it becomes much like comparing apples to oranges. They each have their benefits and work your body in different angles. The bench press targets more muscle groups than the overhead press — which makes it a more time-effective workout — and the overhead press is a more applicable exercise in terms of real-life translation, reports the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Other than that, you should examine their joint actions and prime movers to understand what benefits you will obtain from performing either lift.


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Toes to Bar

Snatch, 75/50