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Thursday 4-5-12

I am almost overwhelmed with our community. I know I speak for Joe as well when I say that we are evolving into exactly what I envisioned! Everybody is passionate about what we are doing and results driven. You guys are spreading the word, posting comments, and putting in the work. I have tremendous respect for anyone that works as hard at something worthwhile as you guys do. Keep it up!

We will have all regular classes Friday except the 6:30 p.m.

Warm Up: Spealler

For Time:

500 M Row

400 M Run

20 Box Jumps 20/24″

400 M Run

20 Handstand Push Ups

400 M Run

20 Wall Ball Shots 14/20lb

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See that guy in the doorway right there with the good looking run. Yeah, notice how much running we’re doing today – be sure and thank him! HaHa!

  • Mylene

    Who is he? And where do I find him?

  • mkrueger

    hahaha…….the running is the  only part that doesn’t intimidate me.

  • BRenfro


  • Derik

    11:15 RX

  • MollyC

    I forgot already, but I think 12:49. I would say my running was slow, but I run slow every time! ha

  • Justin Hignight

    Posted a time of 15:10…the attempts at pose running have seemed to help me a great deal, especially on the uphill side of the block. Jaremy has recommended actually doing the drills to get ready to pose run, but I was thinking with my style of doing things that would make too much sense or make things too easy…LOL! No, I really do plan on doing a lot more training with the subtleties of the movements as I continue to try to have more structure in my life…I plan to have specific things I work on each day such as pose technique, back squats, handstand pushups, etc.

    I would like to comment a little bit on handstand pushups. Jaremy and Daylon recently gave me some advice that probably saved me from becoming a quadriplegic. They reminded me that if I can’t even do 1 press rep with my body weight then I should stay away from unassisted handstands/walks altogether. With that being said, training with the bands I’ve found will be a huge help. I took the difference in my 90% max on OHP’s and my total body weight and used that number to determine which band to use. Of course I went way over my body weight when I added the band resistance because 1 rep for practice is totally different than 20 reps in a WOD! I used the black band but may need even more resistance for WOD purposes…cranking out 20 reps even with help is not easy! What I’d like to see happen is for me to really work on being able to not use the wall as a crutch…maybe holding a shoulder lockout for as long as I can and then put my feet back on the wall, then repeating for the duration of a set.

    Good WOD today, peoples! I’ll be there tomorrow morning for the WOD but won’t be back till Monday evening at the earliest…Mom’s doing wonderful, so continue to pray for her continued recovery!

  • Lauren Smith

    13:15 – modified hspu

  • Tamra Simpson

    15:34.  Got my handstand pushups today!!! 🙂