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Thursday 4-26-12

I really have to say I cannot get enough of all the comments everybody has been posting. I get a feel for what everyone is thinking and frequently I get a great laugh. We have an incredible community!

I wanted to share some thoughts on a couple of conversations I’ve had within the last week. CrossFit has built quiet a reputation for being a real kick ass workout and rightfully so. I mean you don’t see many health and fitness programs these days with it’s own annual games venue with tens of thousands of athletes from around the world participating and a huge payout for the winner of those games.  That being said, any good trainer can make just about anybody puke and/or pass out in a matter of minutes. That’s not what our programming is about. It feels that way a lot of the time, but if you look at CrossFit as a whole, it’s not just a workout. If our athletes follow our coaching and  play it smart, we are talking about being able to do what we do well into our golden years. You just don’t see that with other “fitness” programs. How fit are you if injury has you sidelined instead of in the mountains or on the ball field with the grand kids?

Group Warm Up 



3 Rounds:

400 M Run

21 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood

12 Pull Ups

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Congratulations to Melinda! (upright in the blue) She cut 27 minutes off of her Pinnacle Mtn. run from last year. I think she believes in what we’re doing.

  • Bgraves

    I’m not a big fan of running, as some of you know. I have not ran more than the 800m in the WODs in a long time. To help decide on the Warrior Dash, I ran last night. Did 3 miles, no sweat. This Cross Fit thing might just help. All signed up for the Dash now.

    • Mylene

      Need your shirt size so I can have your shirt made before the race.

      • Bgraves


    • Kim

      I hate running why because I can’t do it well!  I don’t plan on doing alot of it in the Warrior Dash, I am hoping all the obstacles will give me a break!

  • Casiekeyes

    10:21,  I was trying to catch Cody the entire time!  I kept wanting to yell, SLOW DOWN. 

  • CodySandone

    10:21, I was trying to beat Casie for once and it didn’t happen!! lol great WOD though…I enjoyed this one!

  • Kim

    I like it when we have the Girl WODS!  Because I can see improvement!  I was last in the class but still cut a 1.30 off my last time and added weight on the KB!

  • Mylene

    10:25 Thanks to Bobby and Nicole’s son for pacing me because I was not feeling up to running fast : )

  • Cash Sparks

    9:38 Rx. Love Helen!