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Thursday 4-19-12

It’s cool that everybody gets worked up about the WOD and checks out what we’re doing the night before. That’s how it’s supposed to work. What’s really cool is when all you You Tubers search frantically for an exercise you have no idea what it is. You can’t find it and when you text everybody else they say they don’t know either. Mwuahahahaha! Don’t freak out you can actually find this one on You Tube.

The party this weekend – Only one person has told me she is coming and bringing a guest. I hope we have enough food! Mylene put together a great time for the kids, I hope everyone thanks her. If you would still like to contribute to all that she has put together, please do so. It costs a little bit to rent everything and the expenses keep accruing. We have some red tape to cut $$$.

I will have an itinerary that will be something like this: 4 WODS starting at 10 and every 30 minutes thereafter (10, 10:30, 11, 11:30). I don’t want everyone to do all four WODS but rather only the WOD I assign you to. I want some that are really good at the WOD they are being assigned to all the way to some that really need modifications. This will give the ones visiting and checking us out the chance to see how we really do it. Food will show up just before 11. 12 to 2 is all about socializing and having a good time. Drink will be allowed with some stipulations (we will cover these at the party).

Warm Up: Spealler, Butt Kickers, Toy Soldiers, Karaoke


4 Rounds:

100 Jump Rope

400 M Run

10 Body Blasters (Burpee pull up into a knees to elbows)

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I have to give an “Atta Girl” to two of the ladies in this picture for their effort on “Elizabeth”. Lori and Stacy gave it all they had and really put some work in. Great job ladies!


  • Kim

    Yes I am THAT person “Really need modifications”.  Forget Saturday, you should probably have the medics standing by for me tomorrow!

  • Justin Hignight

    Hang in there Kim I think you’re doin fine! Remember CrossFit is just as much mental as it is physical…you keep showing up with the right attitude you’ll soon be Wonder Woman up in here!

  • Mylene

    15.50 And I will do it again if only to prove a point. But that is already a lot of running for me. Good workout today peeps!

  • Kim

    Thank you Mylene for getting the Warrior Dash T-Shirts!  Can’t wait to get them dirty!!

    • Mylene

      I’m going to see if I can get another one for you. And you are welcome!

      • Kim

        No!  That one fit so don’t worry about it!!!  Thank you though!

  • Jcreedog

    It’s very rewarding to dig deep and see what your made of. One thing that I enjoy about crossfit is that it pushes me to do this every time I step in the box. I would also like to say a thanks to all of the people I wod with for encouraging me. I don’t think many of us would see the progress and experience the success that we have if it wasn’t for each other. Crossfit Texarkana is a great team and family to be a part of. Love you all, hope to kick your butts!

  • Casiekeyes

    16.22 Rx,  just now catching my breath.  I love it when we run!  It is  so exhausting.