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Thursday 4-12-12

“I maintain eliteness at all times…even on roller coasters. They also kindly reminded me that I wasn’t supposed to bring guns to a family fun park.” – Daylon Moore, Elite CrossFitter and community icon

No Chinks In The Armor Day

If you want to be elite like Daylon then you don’t want to miss today. Details at the top of class.

  • Cash Sparks


  • Joel Wright

     I was completely enlightened by the mobility wod. I’ve been wanting to show up more days during the week and I think this was one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to. Completely neglecting a major recovery component.  Maybe this will loosen me up enough to show up more days.

    I would like to add that my back was killing me all the time before I started Crossfit. Now no back pain. Now my entire body is sore except for my back. haha Not in a bad way though.

    I can’t say there was any one thing that helped the most but it feels great just to be able to do deadlifts with any weight at all as I couldn’t before. It must be all the combined effort and core strengthening.

    I know a lot of people show up for the intensity but I’m very thankful that you have our well being as a top priority. It’s a good balance of pushing forward to reach new levels but with good form and technique as the only requirement to do so. It seams Crossfit could seriously injure somebody without the proper guidance. You guys deserve respect for building a good foundation to build from in my opinion!

    Impressive confidence on a roller coaster!

  • Mylene

    If I knew mobility when I started working out, I could have prevented a lot of injuries especially my shoulder problem.

    Daylon that is an awesome pose! Can’t believe you held that pose the whole ride!